Friday, October 18, 2019

WWE Films And Home And Away Doctors Succession Coincidence

Here's something completely random that I noticed about a couple of WWE movies and Home and Away doctors.

Remember the film titled See No Evil that WWE produced in the mid-2000s and starred Kane?

Well - one of the actresses from it has been in Home and Away for a few years. Her real name is Penny McNamee and she plays the role of Dr. Tori Morgan.

Both Penny McNamee and her character were pregnant, so they've had to find a way to write the character out until McNamee returns from maternity leave.

I won't get into what they've done other than to write that - because Tori runs the hospital - they've had to bring in another character to cover her absence.

The new character is played by an actress named Zoe Ventoura who just so happens to have also played a part in See No Evil. She's billed as 'Eyeless Woman' on IMDB.

The WWE movie/Home and Away doctor thing goes further back than that, though.

Remember The Condemned? It was another WWE produced movie. This time starring 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin in the lead role. His antagonist was a guy named Breckel. The actor that played him - Robert Mammone - is an ex Home and Away star. He played the role of Sid Walker, who was the head doctor that McNamee's character - Tori - replaced!

The moral of this story -  if you're an Australian actor that has starred in a WWE movie, the odds of you getting a job as a doctor in Summer Bay are very good.

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