Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Another Scam Call (Or Three!)

There's another telephone scam doing the rounds. Trust me, I should know considering it is 9:00AM BST as I write this post and I've had the call THREE times already today!

The first came at 7:50AM. I answered, but I didn't get there in time as the line was dead as soon as I lifted the receiver.

Approximately ten minutes after that, another call came through. This time there was somebody - or rather something - on the other end. It was an automated voice which said something along the lines of:

This is a free message. Press one to hear it or nine to reject it.

I didn't press any of the options as it was obviously a scam and the nine would have sent me somewhere I didn't want to go anyway.

After hanging up, I tried to get back to sleep but another call disturbed my last opportunity to relax before I started the day.

Same message as before.

I don't know whether there have been other attempts to call me as I've left the receiver off the hook.

I won't leave the number here just in case a genuine business happens to register it in years from now, but it does come from a number rather than a hidden one.

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