Monday, January 21, 2019

I Got My Wish

You know that saying about being careful what you wish for?

Well - I got my wish.

In yesterday's post, I ranked the potential Super Bowl match-ups in order of preference. The Los Angeles Rams versus New England Patriots was my number one choice.

Both the NFC and AFC Championships were won last night. Therefore, we now know which teams will represent their respective conferences in the Super Bowl.

Los Angeles and New England!

As I've repeated constantly since I've first started blogging, New England is the team is dislike the most in the NFL.

I want the Rams to win, but have sensed New England will do it again since late last year. This was despite wanting the Colts to make it to the big game.

I'll tell you something that's cool about this game - it's going to be played on February 3rd. The last time the Rams and Patriots competed against each other in the Super Bowl was eighteen years ago. It'll be to the day as that Super Bowl fell on February 3rd 2002.

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