Tuesday, November 20, 2018

SodaStream Flavours 'Coming Soon'

I have had nothing but trouble from the people at SodaStream this year. The website stopped selling the flavours that I liked. In fact, I couldn't find the flavours anywhere.

I think there's a link between these flavours vanishing and the sugar tax being introduced to this country, but I cannot prove this.

Anyway, I checked in to the website today to see that there are flavours 'coming soon'. They're called 'Fruit Drops' and I guess they're going to be to make flavoured water rather than pop.

It isn't what I bought the machine for, so after a few years of reacquainting myself with SodaStream, I can honestly say that it has ended in a waste of money because I can no longer use it for what I bought it for - to make soda pop.

Not soda water.

Not flavoured soda water.

For what it's worth, the 'Fruit Drops' flavours are: Lemon, Orange, Mango, Raspberry and Lime.

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