Monday, November 19, 2018

Trying Walkers' Christmas Crisps For 2018

In last Monday's post, I mentioned that I have managed to find all of the Christmas crisps flavours that Walkers have released in time for the festive period. In today's post, I'll rate them.

Walkers 2018 Christmas Crisps

As you can see, there are five flavours out there for you to buy. They are: Pigs in Blankets, Brussels Sprouts, Turkey and Stuffing, Glazed Ham and Cheese and Cranberry.

I found these flavours in two versions of multipacks. The first is a multipack called 'Christmas Dinner for Sprout Haters' and the second is 'Christmas Dinner for Sprout Lovers'. The former pack consists of Glazed Ham, Cheese and Cranberry and Turkey and Stuffing while the one for 'Sprout Lovers' has Brussel Sprouts (obviously!), Pigs in Blankets and Turkey and Stuffing. As I'm sure you'd have established - Turkey and Stuffing appears in both sets.

Walkers 2018 Christmas Crisps Multipacks

After trying them all out, I thought I'd rate and rank them in order.

5. Brussels Sprouts (2.5 Stars)
I didn't hate them, but - compared to the rest - they weren't beating anything. I decided to give it average marks because they weren't dreadful, but weren't great. I am a sprout lover despite what you might think.

4. Turkey and Stuffing (3 Stars)
Turkey and Stuffing was slightly better than Brussels Sprouts. It isn't a unique flavour as I've tasted Turkey and Stuffing from other crisp manufacturers in the past (and even had some from Walkers). I have tasted better versions of this flavour.

3. Glazed Ham (3.25 Stars)
We're now in a region of the scale where I begin liking things a lot. Glazed Ham was the best flavour of the lot until...

2. Pigs in Blankets (3.75 Stars)
As many crisp eaters are bound to be aware, brands produce Pigs in Blankets flavours every year. I cannot recall if I've ever tasted them from Walkers in the past. Of all the Pigs in Blankets crisps I have tasted, Walkers comes a close second to the one made by Pringles. I gave Turkey and Stuffing three stars because it isn't the best Turkey and Stuffing flavour I had tried, but this was one of the best Pigs in Blankets I've tasted. Therefore, it gets

1. Cheese and Cranberry (4.25 Stars)
This was the final packet I tested and I left the best until last. I like cheesy crisps. The sweety(ish!) cranberry made it unique and was worth ranking high.

Give them a try!

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