Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Child's Play Is 30 (Soon)

The other day, I was browsing through my Twitter timeline and came across a post made by somebody who was saying something along the lines of 'Today is Child Play's 30th birthday'. I thought 'Okay well, I'll write a little bit about that movie on Halloween.'

So, as I was getting ready to write today's post, I took a look on IMDB to make sure this week was the 30th birthday of the film and found out that it isn't.

According to the website, it came out on November 9th. Not that far off!

As an aside - why didn't the release it a couple of weeks earlier to coincide with Halloween!?

For me - I must have came across the film in 1989 sometime. I know for a fact where and when I watched it, but I am sure I must have read about it before then.

The place where I first watched it was in the lounge of a hotel I was staying at in Malta in the summer of 1989. A person I had met there had bought the film in a shop that sold pirated movies. I bought one myself that holiday but I went for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

From my memory, Child's Play was great. I loved scary movies more back then than I do today. I guess the reason why I enjoyed them so much back then was because I wasn't old enough to watch them. 

I also recall watching the sequel when it first came out over here in the UK. Once again, I watched a pirated copy. Just like with the first, I enjoyed it.

As for the other sequels - I don't recall seeing them. I would love to watch them all in order as an adult and see if they hold up. Maybe I will. One day.

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