Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Sony Dives In

If you've been following this blog regularly over the past two years plus, you'll be aware that I have bought both a Nintendo Mini and a Super Nintendo Mini. Both of these consoles are filled with classic games from these systems.

The reason why I am writing about these retro consoles today is because there is a new miniature being released in early December.

Nope, it isn't the Nintendo 64 Mini, which is what I had been hoping for.

Sony has now dived into the pool of creating these machines to attract the nostalgia gamers by releasing a mini version of its original PlayStation.

The console will have twenty classic games from the gaming machine that debuted in the mid-1990s.

I wasn't a PlayStation owner. I owned a PS2 and still have a PS3, so this console isn't something that would appeal to me. However, a lot of my friends from back in the day were owners, so I am sure at least one or two of them will see the news and be tempted.

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