Thursday, July 12, 2018

Excuses, Excuses

I've read and heard a plethora of things about England's failure to win the semi-final against Croatia last night.

The majority of what I've encountered seems to believe that England will come back from the World Cup and end up improving on what they've experienced with some even writing that they believe the team could win the 2022 tournament in Qatar.

First - excuses, excuses.

England will not win a World Cup.

What bugs me is not one of these writers or reporters have factored in that other teams did poorly and will be out to improve after leaving Russia.

Argentina, Germany, Spain, Brazil. Those names spring out immediately.

Or what about the teams that didn't even qualify like Italy and Holland? Heck - even the USA!?

All of these sides will be reeling just as much as England. They will improve. And they'll be more superior than England ever will be.

We'll see how right, or wrong, I'll be in four years time.

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