Sunday, May 13, 2018

Scratchin' 2018: Week 19

When  I last published a Scratchin' 2018 update, I was £51 down in my 2018 mission to play at least one scratch card a day this year.

I'm now £61 in the red.

This week saw me do a few things.

First, I found myself trying out a couple of new cards. I played a £1 magenta alongside a £1 red on Wednesday. I lost on the red, but had £2 on the new magenta.

With the £2, I tried out the £2 Money Spinner card alongside a £1 red on Friday. The results weren't in my favour on both cards.

Finally, this morning - I played one of my red cards (it lost) and also played a £2 £250,000 rainbow that I bought a little over a week ago. This also resulted in a loss.

I have worked out times when I intend to play the extra few cards I purchased for my birthday. They'll be spaced across the end of this month and then the majority will be played in July.

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