Wednesday, May 02, 2018

In-Joke On Neighbours Spin-Off

I came across a Neighbours comedy spin-off programme, Neighbours .vs. Time Travel, last night.

It was made for the Internet sometime last year and was on YouTube while I was browsing stuff. I had a look.

The story focuses on Paul Robinson. He finds a device that makes him travel back to 1985 (the year when Neighbours first launched) and he comes across a younger version of himself. Just like with Back to the Future II, this has disastrous implications when he returns to modern-day Erinsborough as the time line has shifted.

I didn't watch all of it. I tapped out after the first episode. However, there was something in it that made me laugh...

Kratz Cruises Advert

During one of the scenes, Paul is in a lift and there's an advert for 'Kratz Cruises'. I laughed out loud because I got the in-joke.

In the 1990s, there was a character named Marlene Kratz. She was written out after a few years on the show by going on a cruise. If I recall correctly, she was only going for a few months. However, as soon as she was gone, they never mentioned her again!

The 'You'll Never Want To Go Home' tagline did make me laugh out loud. I'm sure anyone who remembers Marlene and the weird exit will get it.

The lady who played Marlene - Moya O'Sullivan - passed away earlier this year.

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