Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Gotham News: Old And New

I found out something yesterday that had me kicking myself (slightly!).

Gotham, the series based on the time before Batman, has been airing on E4 for the past few weeks.

The programme first came out over here on Channel 5. Then, for some reason, and despite having the rights to it, the station never bothered to bring season three to our screens.

I spent a weekend last summer watching all of season three online and had just began planning to do a similar binge for the fourth season after watching the season premiere a couple of weeks ago.

E4 is airing the fourth season as rights to the third ended up in the hands of Netflix (it's on there if you're looking for it!).

Had I known, I would have watched season four from the day it came back to British screens.

Knowing that it's on TV over here now allows me to watch it the proper way albeit months behind the US.

Coincidentally, I also stumbled across more Gotham news this morning while preparing to write today's post.

The series has been granted a fifth and final season. Apparently, the thirteen-episodes will get to Bruce Wayne finally becoming Batman.

It's the right way to end it, in my opinion.

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