Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Another Week Without Raw

I woke up early this morning with the plan to watch last night's episode of WWE Raw.

If you've read a few posts lately, you'll know that I've had trouble with recording the programme because Sky Sports occasionally changes the channel that it airs live on. Well, seeing as it was the show after Mania, I wanted to make sure there was no mistakes this time. I checked everything before I went to bed.


When I checked the DVD recorder was all set, I accidentally knocked a DVD and it fell behind my desk. I picked the DVD back up and left the room.

I sat myself down to watch the recording this morning, but it said there was 'NO SIGNAL'. I checked around and noticed that the SCART lead had fallen out of the back. I guess the DVD that fell behind my desk did it!

What a calamity. It looks like I missed so much, but have caught some of the highlights on the WWE website.

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