Monday, October 23, 2017

Bravo To Sky Sports And The NFL

I watched Sky Sports' coverage of the Arizona Cardinals versus Los Angles Rams game from Twickenham yesterday.

We once again had an abysmal London game for 2017. But that point can be made another time.

What I want to write about today is how Sky Sports - and the NFL - handled the passing of Kevin Cadle.

Cadle, who was the face of Sky Sports' coverage of the NFL and basketball for many years, passed away a week ago. Sunday was the first time the studio team was back following their former colleague's death and I have to say they gave the man a great send-off.

I was close to tears. For real.

They aired a really cool tribute with some of his friends, colleagues and other people he came across in his life. This was interspersed with clips from his time hosting Sky's coverage of the... BALL GAME.

They also did an applause for him inside the stadium near the mid-way point of the first half. Then, later on the game, Kevin's wife and daughter came onto the pitch-side set to speak about him and to thank everyone for their support.

It was so nice to see him - and his family - get this kind of respect by everyone. Bravo.

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