Tuesday, October 24, 2017

65.48 .vs. 64.76

NFL Fantasy Football Points

If you read a post published last week, you'll recall that - ahead of last week's edition of the NFL's Monday Night Football - I needed two Colts players to earn 6.47 between them for me to win the week at fantasy football.

It was achieved.

Going into last night's game, I was 0.72 ahead of the team that I played over the weekend. All my players have participated. My opponent had one player left on his team and that was Chris Thompson from the Washington Redskins.

I've yet to watch last night's game, so I don't know if Thompson got enough points. If I were a betting man (lol), I'd bet that I've lost this week's match-up.

I'll find out later on when I get to watch the game.

My week was messed up with Detroit on a bye. Matthew Stafford is my quarterback, so I thought I'd bring Carson Palmer in to cover the loss. Palmer ended up injured during the game at Twickenham.

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