Monday, July 31, 2017

Ballers Is Back

I caught the first episode of the third season of Ballers over the weekend.

I'm sure I've written about it before. Dwayne Johnson is the main star. He plays a retired American footballer who, in his retirement, is now running a sports agency. It's all about the dramas that sort of profession encounters.

To be honest with you, I watched it only because it's about the business of American football and stars The Rock. They were the only reasons I stuck with it.

Anyway, this season looks interesting. You know why? Steve Guttenberg is in it.

Guttenberg was one of my favourite actors when I was a child. Yeah, I've written all about my love for the Police Academy series in the past (in this post and this post).

So, I'm now only sticking with the series because of The Rock and Steve Guttenberg.

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