Sunday, July 30, 2017

Rowling Was Wrong About Trump Yet Didn't Retract Her Statement

I don't usually get into politics on this blog, but there's something from this weekend that I've found quite annoying.

What happened was this - JK Rowling used her platform on Twitter to blast US President, Donald Trump, for walking past a young boy in a wheelchair and ignoring the child's plea for a handshake as he was about to do a speech.

I wouldn't have had a problem with Rowling doing that if there was any truth to it. You see, the clip she must have seen was edited and it did not show Trump walk up to the child and talk to the youngster.

She used social media to go on a tirade about Trump.

Okay, fair enough, the author was incorrect.

However - shouldn't she have the decency to correct herself and say that she was wrong?

That's the problem with some celebrities. I said it during the referendum last year, they should stay out of politics because no good will come of it.

Also, I am sure no good will come out of me defending Mr Trump. In this case, I have to be on his side. This camera didn't lie.

He DID speak to the child and DID shake his hand.

The author should have correct herself as soon as it was clear she got it wrong.

In my world, if a person cannot admit they've made a mistake - when it's blatantly obvious that they have - then they lose their credibility.

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