Sunday, April 23, 2017

An NFL Draft Trivia Note

Here's something I didn't know until last night.

The NFL draft - which will air live over here in the early hours of Friday morning - is going to take place in Philadelphia this year.

Well, I sort of already knew it was taking place in Philly. I just didn't know the venue.

I read in the TV Guide that the setting will be the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

For those of you puzzled as to why the draft is being held here, and why I am particularly interested in this bit of trivia, read on..

The museum is famous for its steps leading up toward the building. It's where one of the most famous scenes in Rocky took place with Rocky Balboa running all the way up the steps during the training montages that are symbolic of the series.

To be fair - it's one of the most iconic scenes in movies. I know I'm a Rocky fanboy, but it's true.

When I read that it's being held there, I thought to myself 'is that where they filmed Rocky?' I had a look online, lo and behold I was correct.

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