Friday, January 20, 2017

The Super Bowl I'd Like To See

Every year, during the NFL play-offs, I like to dedicate a post where I rank the potential Super Bowl matches in the order of what I'd like to see the most. Now that we have four teams left, I think I should get to it, don't you?

Starting with the least...

4) Atlanta vs New England
New England is last because I detest the team with a passion. It therefore became a toss-up between the Falcons or Packers and I'd much rather side with Green Bay because I've jumped on their bandwagon this year. Trust me, if this game is the Super Bowl fixture, I can assure you that I'll be cheering on ATL.

3) Green Bay .vs. New England
Yep, I'm all-in on Green Bay, but my dislike toward the Pats is too strong. I don't want the Pats to be in any position to win another Super Bowl.

2) Atlanta .vs. Pittsburgh
Would really like to see this one played out for the Lombardi Trophy. Can see it being quite a good game with lots of points. If I had to guess the outcome, it would be Atlanta.

1) Green Bay .vs. Pittsburgh
As I've already mentioned, I would like Green Bay to win the Super Bowl, so I'm not going to choose the Falcons over them despite thinking Atlanta against the Steelers could be a barn burner. I think this could also be a great game and the only reason why the Packers get the nod over Atlanta is because I'm riding the Green Bay Bandwagon at the moment.

We'll know the Super Bowl teams by Sunday night/early Monday. If it's the first, or even second, match - I'll be happy.

And if it's the Patriots? Grr....

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