Monday, January 09, 2017

NFL Divisional Round Set

The Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs is now set after all of the Wild Card Round fixtures were completed this past weekend.

In the AFC, the Houston Texans will head over to New England to take on the Patriots while the Pittsburgh Steelers play Kansas City.

The NFC has Seattle taking a trip to Atlanta and the Green Bay Packers visiting the Dallas Cowboys.

In yesterday's post, I wrote that it's 'Anyone But New England. It still is. I don't mind which team wins the Vince Lombardi Trophy in February. Just as long as it isn't the Pats.

However - if I had to choose one team - it would have to be the Packers. 

I went into last night's game deciding that, whoever won out of the Giants and Packers, they would be the side I would cheer on. 

If Green Bay loses any time before the Super Bowl, I'll change things up. I won't be cheering the Pats, though!

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