Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mourinho's Week

Jose Mourinho has had quite a bad week with his Manchester United team having lost three straight games.

It's a little too early for the Mourinho wane to have kicked in. It's usually the third year that the 'Special One' becomes less special after arriving at a club.

As I've written in the past, I enjoyed Mourinho when he first entered the Premier League, I sort of missed his presence when he departed Chelsea the first time. However, his most recent spell really soured on me and I've grown tired of him.

His Manchester United appointment intrigued me. I felt that United and their rivals - Manchester City - had picked up the wrong managers as Pep Guardiola is, in my opinion, the sort of guy who would have fit in well with the way United is run. The maverick that is Mourinho would have been more compatible as a City boss.

Still - it's early days for Mourinho, and even Guardiola, but the latter has had the best start of the two.

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