Saturday, August 13, 2016

World Carbonating Bottle Of Soda 2016 : Quarter Finals Stage 1

This weekend is the quarter finals section of the World Carbonating Bottle of Soda 2016 tournament where I will find the overall best flavour of SodaStream.

You can read more about it in this post.

There are two games today followed by another two tomorrow.

Game 9 Highland Fizz .vs. Lemon and Lime

I knew this was going to start getting tougher. I love both of these flavours, but will have to give the edge to Highland Fizz.

Winner: Highland Fizz

Game 10 Red Apple .vs. Dr. Pete

Red Apple's run has ended. It only pipped its way through the first round because I thought the cola flavour of today isn't as good as I remembered it from the 1980s.

The Dr. Pete flavour is really nice. It tastes very close to Dr. Pepper - one of my favourite soft drinks. It has to go through as it's up against a weak opponent.

Winner: Dr. Pete

The quarter-finals will conclude tomorrow with the following games:

Elderflower .vs. Passionfruit and Mango
Pink Grapefruit .vs. Cola and Orange

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