Sunday, August 28, 2016

World Carbonating Bottle Of Soda 2016 : Final

After a grueling month of action (hyperbole, much?), the World Carbonating Bottle of Soda 2016 concludes with the crowning of either Dr. Pete or Cola and Orange.

The tournament was an idea I came up with after promising for months that I would rank my favourite SodaStream flavours. There were a lot of upsets along the way. Some of my top choices ended up being picked next to each other and I made some controversial selections along the way. For example - heading in, I really thought Pink Grapefruit would make it all the way. It was pipped by one of today's finalists, Cola and Orange.

Another top choice, Highland Fizz made it to the semi-finals and came third in yesterday's play-offs.

I must now pick an overall winner.

Final: Dr. Pete .vs. Cola and Orange

Okay, this is a tough one. I like both flavours (obviously!). Dr. Pete - I have noted - reminds me of Dr.Pepper. Cola and Orange sort of has a Kinnie flavour to it.

Kinnie is a drink I used to enjoy over in Malta. The problem, however, is I may have confused myself with how Kinnie really tastes as I last tried it in 1994.

Dr. Pepper has been one of my favourites since 1987 when I first had some on the US Air Force base in Germany. It then made its way to the UK years later and has been around since then.

But.. Dr. Pete isn't Dr. Pepper.

And Cola and Orange isn't Kinnie.

I have also mentioned in previous rounds of the tourney that this might be a one-shot deal for Cola and Orange as it was imported from Germany and I doubt I'll buy it again. This could be its only tournament (if I ever decide to do something crazy like this again).

Is it better than Dr. Pete, though?

The winner is... DR. PETE!

What a tough choice that was. I felt like I was milking it like a judge on The X-Factor.

And there you have it. The 2016 champion is Dr. Pete. It was the first flavour I sampled when I started off this SodaStream renaissance at the start of the year, so it is only fitting that it was one of the finalists and ultimately, the winning flavour.

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