Friday, August 26, 2016

Backing The Wrong Horse

You know the saying about 'backing the wrong horse'? Does it make it any better when you knew going in that you were picking the wrong one?

I ask because, a few weeks ago, I decided to bet on Manchester United's Marcus Rashford to be the Premier League's top goalscorer. I saw him at 50/1. With each-way terms paying out to six places, I thought it was a good bet.

However, I did have some doubts. The main one being Jose Mourinho being the player's manager and - secondly - Zlatan Ibrahimovic had signed for United. I was really going to back the Swede but the 50/1 for Rashford was too tempting.

With Rashford starting his games on the bench and Ibra scoring three goals already, my fears have turned out true.

So far.

So, yes, I've backed the wrong horse. I knew going in. This doesn't make it any easier, though.

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