Friday, July 01, 2016

Getting Ready For This Year's G1 Climax

New Japan Pro Wrestling has kicked off the build towards this year's G1 Climax tournament by announcing all of the names that will feature in the month-long tournament that will start later on this month.

I've known the dates, but didn't know the times - or the participants - until Monday, so have spent a few minutes yesterday working out the UK times for all of the shows.

Below are all the dates and UK times.

Monday 18th July - 7am BST
Friday 22nd July - 10:30am BST
Saturday 23rd July - 10:30am BST
Sunday 24th July - 10:30am BST
Monday 25th July - 10:30am BST
Wednesday 27th July - 10:30am BST
Thursday 28th July - 10:30am BST
Saturday 30th July - 10am BST
Sunday 31st July - 8am BST
Monday 1st August - 11am BST
Wednesday 3rd August - 10:30am BST
Thursday 4th August - 10:30am BST
Saturday 6th August - 9am BST
Sunday 7th August - 8am BST
Monday 8th August - 10:30am BST
Wednesday 10th August - 10:30am BST
Friday 12th August - 10:30am BST
Saturday 13th August - 10:30am BST
Sunday 14th August - 7am BST

I think I only missed two or three of the events live last year. I did catch up on demand later on that day. I know for a fact that I missed the opening day as there was a WWE pay-per-view on the night before and it would have meant having only three hours sleep and I could not commit to it. This year will be easier as WWE Battleground is on July 24th and the NJPW show begins at 10:30am the following morning. It's doable.

It's going to be another good summer of wrestling action.

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