Saturday, February 06, 2016

Lacking In Super Bowl Confidence

I am not feeling confident right about now.

This month's issue of Grid Iron magazine came through the post the other day and I had a look through the experts' picks for the Super Bowl.

Of the ten analysts, none of them were in favour of a Denver Broncos win in the big game.

Peyton Manning has been in four Super Bowls. Well, after tomorrow he will have. The first time he won - as an Indianapolis Colt - I was cautious about them winning. Then, a few years after that - as a Colt as well - my confidence was strong and they lost. I was also cocksure when they were about to face Seattle two years ago and that also ended in a loss.

I have a bad feeling this time. Maybe it's because I've been let down and it's a defence mechanism knowing I've had my hopes dashed on the previous two Manning Super Bowls.

The experts haven't filled me with any hope, have they?

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