Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Out Of Luck

The Indianapolis Colts' 2015 season has turned an even darker corner with the news that quarterback, Andrew Luck, will be out between two and six weeks due to abdominal and kidney injuries.

Going in to the season, the team were predicted by many to make it to the Super Bowl in February. Their current record at 4-5 is evidence to prove the early prognosticators incorrect, but there are two things that are silver linings as of right now.

The first is the team is still on top of the AFC South. Let's just overlook how abysmal that makes the entire division and move on to the next positive.

Damn, too late.

And then there's Luck's replacement - Matt Hasselbeck.

He has already covered an absent Luck twice this season. Both games turned out winners.

All is not lost.

Not yet, anyway.

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