Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Aldi's Christmas Crisps

I read an article online a few days ago where a woman had complained about Aldi's special Christmas crisps because she felt they were promoting alcohol to children.

So.. I had to see what she was on about, right?

The crisps:

Gin and Tonic!

The only time I ever drank gin and tonic was when I took one sip from a glass when I was a child. I have never gone back. One was enough.

As for the crisps - I took one, had a taste and decided that was also enough.

They tasted sweet. 

In my opinion, I can't see this being a gateway to lead children to drink. However, I'm not in the right position to even argue against it considering I took a sip of the stuff back in the 80s. 

If I had to channel my inner child, I think I'd give the crisps a pass. 

Give me salt and vinegar Pringles any day.

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