Saturday, October 10, 2015

Betting On Mourinho Leaving (& Losing)

With all the Premier League manager movement this week, I almost forgot to mention how a bet I placed early in the season blew up on Sunday.

I decided to look at the 'Next Premier League Manager To Leave Their Post' betting markets when there was all that controversy over Jose Mourinho and the medical staff and put a speculative punt on Mourinho being the next manager to move on.

I didn't think it would come in, but thought it was worth a pound for an outside chance. A bit like when I staked a quid on Donald Trump being next US President earlier this summer.

Mourinho had a better chance leaving Chelsea than Trump has of leading America, so anything is fair game when it comes to speculative punting!

As we now know, Mourinho's team has been playing abysmally and his odds started shortening heavily. It appeared that I had took the bet at the right time.

Until Dick Advocaat left Sunderland that is.

And even if Advocaat stayed - Brendan Rodgers being sacked from Liverpool later that day would have ended the bet, anyway.

I still have a feeling Mourinho will be gone before the Christmas decorations are up. I just won't gain anything from it.

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