Monday, October 26, 2015

Tales From America : The Kool-Aid Convict

I fell asleep listening to the US radio early this morning. What usually happens is I set the Tune-In radio app to switch off after half and hour but was so beat after staying up to watch WWE Hell in a Cell that it didn't cross my mind.

For some reason I was hearing the radio while I was in a dream. It was peculiar. Anyway, I woke up a short while ago and recalled that I was dreaming about Kool-Aid.

No, I wasn't dreaming that I was drinking Kool-Aid. I dreamed about someone getting chased by police for drinking the stuff.

As I was waking up, the news came on. It must have been the third or fourth bulletin that I would have heard. The first few would have occurred when I was in Dream Land.

One of the main stories was about a thirty-two year old male who had beaten up his stepfather for accidentally spilling Kool-Aid. Apparently, he caused serious injuries and ran away only to be caught two hours later after being found...

...wait for it...

Hiding behind his door.

That's schoolkid kind of stuff right there.

What a weird way to start the day. Even better, what a weird news story to put in a five minute bulletin.

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