Thursday, October 22, 2015

ITV's Back To The Future Fail

It's 22:30 on Wednesday 21st October as I am typing this up. I've spent Back to the Future Day watching the first two movies (on Blu-ray) and have just finished ITV 2's 'documentary?' of it starring Keith Lemon.

I'm sorry, but ITV 2 is pathetic putting a special tribute to the Back to the Future trilogy in the hands of Leigh Francis.

What a way to ruin something big.

Just the other day ITV had Jonathan Ross do a James Bond Spectre special. He would have been ideal for a Back to the Future gig. Instead, we're dealt Lemon and his cronies.

If only I could say 'better luck next time'. The problem is, there isn't going to be another time to celebrate the exact date the characters made their way to 2015 in BTTF2.

Epic fail.

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