Thursday, July 23, 2015

BS & Non-BS From A Channel 4 Announcer

I recorded Casper for my nephew a number of months ago and we finally got around to watching it yesterday.

Don't ask me what I thought of it. I wasn't paying attention. I had it on to entertain him as I read.

I did laugh out loud at the end, though.

It had nothing to do with the movie. It was the Channel 4 continuity announcer when he was promoting the fact that Home Alone 3 would be airing the following day.

He started off by saying:

'The first one was great..'

Not that much of a lie.

'The second one was better...'

Definitely BS.

'The third is the one we're going to show you.'

The 'second one was better' stretched the truth to the extent that he knew his credibility would be out of whack if he had to proclaim the third movie to be better than either of the first two. The best he could offer was to state that it would be shown.

Well, he couldn't inform us how bad it is, could he?

Brilliant stuff.

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