Thursday, June 18, 2015

TNA Slammiversary Live On Challenge

This year's TNA Slammiversary will air live on British TV.

The wrestling event will be on its regular channel - Challenge TV - at 1am in the early hours of Monday morning on June 29th.

I don't know if I am going to bother staying up to watch it. I hardly ever watch TNA anymore. The only way I keep up with it is through the news websites these days. I'll record it and watch the following day sometime.

What's sad about the entire thing is - if TNA is going to lose its TV deal in the US, and it looks like it is - this could be the last ever TNA pay-per-view event. Even sadder is that the company's PPVs didn't air live back when the product was a tad better off than it is now. I would have definitely made a, pardon the pun, sacrifice of a good night's sleep in order to watch some TNA PPVs live.

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