Sunday, June 07, 2015

"It's Not Us.. It's You."

One of the things I detest when streaming services go wrong is the 'help' you are supposed to be getting.

I have seen people with genuine issues on the NFL GamePass service ask for assistance on the message board I frequent being told that their issue can be resolved by 'removing your cache'.

GamePass isn't my issue today. It's Now TV.

I have spent the good part of the week waiting for episode eight of the Game of Thrones Thronecast to be available for streaming. It usually takes days for the episode to show up...

They claim it's because the show is filmed live. It still makes no sense why it takes over twenty-four hours and beyond for it to make its way to Now TV. As of right now, I cannot even be arsed worrying about this. Anyway, from one rant back to the other.

...It took later this week. When it finally appeared, I pressed the image to watch it on my iPad.

And there was an error.

I spent quite a fair bit of my time trying to see why it wasn't working. I ended up looking around Twitter and realised the problem wasn't just on my end.

Wait. That's all I could do.

I gave it one more go on Friday evening. The problem that was brought to Now TV's attention still hadn't been seen to. I then figured it was worth trying out the Now TV app on my television.


Then, yesterday afternoon, I decided to watch episode four of Wayward Pines on my iPad.


I tried a few other shows to see if they were streaming okay and they were. It definitely wasn't a problem on my end so thought it was time to make a complaint. I knew what they were going to say.

'Clear your cache'.

Or something like that.

I gave the person in live chat a rundown of what was happening. I noted how there were other people on Twitter telling the NowTVHelp handle their issues which were similar to mine. His suggestion was almost as bad as clearing my cache.

He told me to uninstall and reinstall the app on the iPad.

I told him that the problem seems to be widespread and only pertained to certain episodes but I was met with a 'it helped other people who have tried'. I couldn't argue with that. I gave it a go.

And it didn't work.

Back to square two - the waiting game.

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