Wednesday, May 20, 2015

3 Into 4

It might sound crazy, but I like the idea of WWE special events every two weeks.

Well - at the moment I do. I'll revisit this idea in a month.

This past Sunday was WWE Payback. In a little over eleven days from now is the WWE Network's special - Elimination Chamber - and then on June 14th WWE will have its next PPV, Money in the Bank.

It's an interesting period for WWE as the response to the Elimination Chamber could lead to them doing more specials sandwiched in between the regular pay-per-views. As noted, I sort of like this idea because it offers something unique for WWE Network subscribers but I can certainly see it being a bit too much hence my reservation at the start where I suggested I rethink this idea once the third Sunday event in a month concludes.

Don't forget, there's also an NXT special tonight. I MIGHT stay up and watch it. Failing that, I'll catch it first thing in the morning.

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