Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Weighing In On The Brady Mess

It's almost 7pm BST on Monday evening as I am typing this up. The post will publish at 12am on Tuesday, so - whatever I write about here - could possibly mean nothing by the time this sees the light of day.


Last Wednesday, the Wells Report was revealed. This was the independent investigation into the alleged ball tampering done by staff of the New England Patriots.

The report noted that the balls used in the Pats' AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts had been deflated. Furthermore - it was stated that Tom Brady might have known.

It was ambiguous the way it was worded. Either Brady knew or he didn't. My guess is he knew. There was no need for the ambiguity.

Or is there?

Now that Brady has been outed, it's now up to NFL Commissioner and the league to determine the punishment. I have read a fair bit concerning the disciplinary measures that will be handed down to the Patriots' quarterback. I have seen all ends of the spectrum. Some news sites have started at a 2-game suspension while others have gone so far as to predict a full season in exile.

Trust me - we will not see him gone for a year. There is absolutely no way the league will punish this year's Super Bowl MVP that harshly even though I would love it, love it, if they did.

My opinion? He'll appeal and get away with what ever is dished out. Why? Because of the wording of the report.

Ambiguity will win the day.

As will cheating.

11pm Update: This is what happens when I try and get a head-start by writing something early. Tom Brady has been suspended for four games. The Patriots have been handed a fine as well. I don't know if there is an appeal process, but it'll be interesting to see what happens now. Anyway, Brady being out for a month is going to be interesting.

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