Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Jem Movie?

I was looking around Twitter yesterday and noticed that the words 'Jem and the Holograms' was trending.

Ah.. Jem and the Holograms. A cartoon that brings me back.

Brings me back to mornings when I was unable to get my own way and have to resort to watching a cartoon that my sister wanted to watch.

It turns out that Jem is being brought back to life.

And when I say 'life', I mean it. Jem is being redone as a live action movie.

So, that's Transformers, G.I. Joe, Teenage Mutant Ninja (Sorry BBC, they're Ninjas) Turtles and now Jem on the list of childhood cartoons/toys that have been been afforded the feature film treatment. It's only a matter of time that my favourite kids cartoon from the '80s makes its way to the silver screen.

I hope.


M.A.S.K was a cartoon about a special service of crime fighters who wore masks as they fought against the evil group V.E.N.O.M. The cartoon was your typical vehicle to sell toys, but I loved it.

Please Hollywood. For the sake of thirty-to-forty year olds everywhere this film has to be made.

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