Friday, May 29, 2015

Thoughts After Watching The Season One Finale Of The Flash

I watched the season one finale of The Flash. I'm glad I did stick through until its end.

I began watching the season right from the initial episode when Sky One aired it last autumn. At first, I liked it but my enjoyment began to wane as the series went on. I was close to quitting at so many points. However, I made the decision to persevere and see how it went.

The decision worked out. The latter few episodes really turned a corner. I do have some gripes between the Arrow and The Flash crossovers but I'll leave that for another time.

It all worked out well. The first few episodes were great. The final lot were better. It's just the middle that was a drag.

Like I've noted on here in the past, I think this will be the case for future seasons. In my opinion, there are too many episodes in a season. I would have liked it better if the middle was cut down.

But I guess that's just  me.

Looking forward to season two now. With a bit of luck, I'll like its beginning, end and middle.

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