Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cold Call Names

One of the things I have written about a lot over the years is about my battle with cold callers.

For some reason, I seem to get calls quite often. 

Home insurance, telephone services, surveys, car insurance because they hear that I have been in a crash (their informer needs to give up his day job)...

The list goes on.

There's something that I have started to notice lately and it's that the call centre staff based outside of this country are attempting to appear more British. If that makes sense.

Their trick now is to give themselves Christian names that we can identify with. 

The reason why I am writing about this today is because I have just been on the phone to a seller of solar panels. His name made me chuckle.  


He deserves credit for thinking outside of the box. That's the only positive I took away from our dialogue.

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