Monday, May 25, 2015

Here's Who Won The 2014/15 Premier League Season Handicap Table

Regular followers of this blog will be aware that I take a particular interest in Season Handicap Betting.

It's a form of soccer betting where each team in a league is given a handicap to start off the season. When all the games have been played, these points are added to all the teams' actual league points and then sorted in order with the bookmaker paying out on the winner or teams in the top if the bet is an each-way one.

I've done the working out for the 2014/15 Premier League season. The winners were Southampton who topped the table with 99 points. They started off with a 39-point headstart and managed to finish off with 60 real league points.

Next on the list is Swansea. They kicked off with 41 handicap points and managed to earn 56 over their thirty-eight games.

Below is the full table . In the case where teams are tied for points, I have gone with goal difference. The handicap points are in parenthesis.

  1. Southampton 99pts (39)
  2. Swansea 97pts (41)
  3. Crystal Palace 92pts (44)
  4. Stoke 88pts (34)
  5. WBA 88pts (44)
  6. Chelsea 87pts (0)
  7. West Ham 85pts (38)
  8. Leicester 85pts (44)
  9. Burnley 83pts (50)
  10. Arsenal 82pts (7)
  11. Aston Villa 82pts (44)
  12. Tottenham 81pts (17)
  13. Man City 80pts (1)
  14. Sunderland 78pts (40)
  15. Hull City 77pts (42)
  16. Man Utd 76pts (6)
  17. QPR 76pts (46)
  18. Liverpool 73pts (11)
  19. Newcastle 71pts (32)
  20. Everton 66pts (19)
I will return to this topic in the summer with a look towards the 2015/16 handicap leagues.

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