Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The WWE Network Unofficially Launches In The UK

The WWE Network is finally here in the UK and Ireland.

(With the need of a VPN/DNS service).

The official launch remains this coming Monday, but the geo-lock was lifted yesterday.

I went ahead and signed up last night after finding out that people were already able to join the service.

I had originally become a subscriber in February last year when it became available in the United States. I decided to cancel my sub in September as I was waiting to see how the UK/Irish version of the Network would turn out.

It turned into a longer wait than I had anticipated, but now I can watch it on other devices rather than on a Playstation 3.

All I am waiting on now is the Apple TV app to appear in the UK-side of Apple TV. That's when I will consider this a complete experience.

In the mean-time, I've set up the Xbox and have been watching through the iPad.

Happy days.

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