Saturday, January 17, 2015

Super Bowl Scenarios : 2014 Season

I'm a little late to the 'Super Bowl Scenarios' topic this year.

Usually, I dedicate a post in the days leading up to the Divisional Round of the playoffs and look at the potential teams that will be playing in the upcoming Super Bowl.

Things got in the way of doing that this year. However, I can still do it albeit with the remaining four teams.

I rank each game in order of preference with the worst first and best last (obviously!).

Here are my offerings for the 2014 season:

New England versus Seattle

Remember, this is how I feel about the game. I am a biased Indianapolis Colts / Peyton Manning fan, so the prospect of Tom Brady, and the Pats, going to another Super Bowl is something I do not want happening ever again.
I'm also down on the Seahawks because they play great and showed up Manning last year.
This game is like the tag line of Alien .vs. Predator to me. Whoever wins.. we lose.

New England versus Green Bay

Biased, I know. Anyone but New England. If this is the game we see, I'll be cheering on the Packers. More on them further down.

Indianapolis versus Seattle

Like I noted above - I am a Colts fan and think Seattle are a great team. If the Colts do win against New England tomorrow night (and I really am nervous on that one), I'd be afraid of Seattle ruining a consecutive Super Bowl for yours truly. 

Indianapolis versus Green Bay

I would much rather this match up for numerous reasons. An Andrew Luck-led team against an Aaron Rodgers-led team is a mouthwatering prospect on paper as it's two MVP candidates from the 2014 season squaring up.
Also - I have Green Bay in a Super Bowl sweepstake, so even I do end up seeing Indy lose on February 1st, I'll still have something to cushion the blow.

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