Saturday, July 05, 2014

WWE Fires & Rehires Emma

World Wrestling Entertainment did something peculiar this week (insert joke here).

It started off when news broke on Tuesday that WWE Diva, Emma, had been arrested for stealing a $21.14 iPad Mini case from a Walmart store in Hartford, Connecticut a day earlier.

Her defence was that she accidentally took the item because she had forgotten to self-scan it at one of the manual terminals.

If that excuse is to be believed, it's worth pondering one thing - why didn't she work out that her bill was short when she paid the $30 for the rest of her shopping?

On Wednesday, WWE announced that the company had fired Emma as punishment.

In hindsight, it was a harsh penalty to pay considering there are people still active on the roster who had been arrested for far worse crimes. I can count at least four who have been pulled over in DUI busts.

Figuring that stealing iPad cases doesn't put other people's lives in danger - or that the WWE is set to hold an Australian tour minus that country's female star - WWE did an about turn hours later and re-signed her.

And when I say hours. I mean it. Her leaving and coming back was like a..



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