Thursday, July 24, 2014

Multiple Mistakes

I wasn't in the mood to cook any dinner on Monday evening, so ordered a Mexican meal online.

I had eaten at the place before and found the food enjoyable, so decided I would stick to what I had previously. So, I made the order.

A Chicken Chimchangas.

I waited until the delivery arrived, put the meal on my plate and tucked in.

I got to near the end before I realised I didn't have any chicken.

Or any meat whatsoever.

After checking the email where my order was relayed, I noticed I had asked for a beef chimchangas. Somewhere along the way, they must have given me a vegetarian chimchangas.

What a cock up on their end.

And on mine.

I know I should have made a complaint, but I did enjoy the meal so put it down to experience.

With a bit of luck, a beef chimchangas didn't end up on a vegetarian's dinner table.

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