Monday, June 23, 2014

The Brock Lesnar Question

World Wrestling Entertainment sent out a survey to its mailing list the other day asking the recipients which WWE wrestler they would like to see wrestle Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

It's worth noting that the names given are the seven participants in this Sunday's Money in the Bank ladder match which will see the winner walk away with the currently vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Below is a list of names with my thoughts on whether I would like to see them wrestle in the main event of SummerSlam against Lesnar.

I don't think he'll win the title, nor do I think the fans will want to see it. Sheamus vs Lesnar is not a match that I have a good feeling for.

Alberto Del Rio
Put it like this, I'd rather see Sheamus vs Brock Lesnar before I'd want to see this one.

Randy Orton
Not one I would go for, but I can see it happening.

Bray Wyatt
I have been enjoying the Bray Wyatt character, but is it too soon to put the belt on him and have him face-off against Brock Lesnar?

John Cena
We have seen Cena versus Lesnar two years ago. That match back then was great. If WWE are backed into a corner and decide they don't want to have a new guy as champion, then Cena is the perennial go-to guy. If the company wants to have Lesnar win the championship at SummerSlam, which they should be doing to build on him ending Undertaker's streak, then having him defeat Cena - and getting a win back would be perfect. Is it too formulaic, though?

Roman Reigns
Is it too soon? It's all down to whether the company is desperate to shake things up.If they do want to go that route, Reigns is the guy.

I like this one better. Have him win the belt at Money in the Bank and then build up towards Brock Lesnar somehow. Remember, Paul Heyman is the advocate of both Cesaro and Lesnar so there is potential for some good storytelling in the lead-in to August's super show.

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