Sunday, June 08, 2014

The Storm

I wrote a short piece about the Racing Post's World Cup Guide in yesterday's blog post and set it to publish late yesterday morning so I could add a picture to it.

Unfortunately, I did not set the publishing to it correctly and it went up earlier than I planned. I'm kicking myself about it now as I wanted to postpone it for a day as I had something else to write about. Instead, you're about to read something that's now over twenty-four hours late.

Hey, it saves having to hear me rant about Britain's Got Talent!

* * *

I woke extremely early on Saturday morning thanks to a storm.

I've written about storms in the past, but this one was possibly the worst I have ever experienced. Thankfully, I was tucked up in bed and not out in it. Before Saturday, the most abysmal one I had endured was when I was five or six in Ireland. Back then, I was outside so it has haunted me ever since.

Saturday's sounded worse than that, though. It went on and on on.

And on.

Once it did die down, I was too awake. I went online to see the reaction on Twitter and the people on there were just as shocked at how vicious it was.

Either the people on Twitter are just as flaky as me, or it really was a bad one.

I'm going with the latter. Obviously.

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