Monday, May 19, 2014

WWE's Situation

World Wrestling Entertainment finds itself in a tough situation this weekend.

And no, I am not writing about what happened with the company stock that went into freefall in the latter part of last week. Stocks and shares is something I have no idea about, so I'll leave it to those that do.

What I am referring to is the situation that involves current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan.

Bryan underwent minor neck surgery on Thursday and the decision now rests on whether the company will keep the belt on him until he has made decent recovery.

The word going in to Thursday was he would only miss a few weeks and would be able to wrestle at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view (they're still pay-per-views to me, dammit!), which will take place on June 29th.

What he will miss, however, is the next WWE main show (I am learning!) - Payback - which is in thirteen days.

If I were the people in charge, I'd leave it to see what the lay of the land is in mid-June.

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