Sunday, October 27, 2013

Crusti Croc Twister Flips

In 2010, I wrote about trying a packet of corn snacks named Roasted Peanut Puffs. If memory serves me correctly, I wrote about how they tasted like peanut butter flavour Wotsits. Whilst shopping the other day, I came across a packet of snacks that looked like Cheetos.

Only they weren't.

I love Cheetos. Or rather I loved them. They don't sell them properly in this country any more. However, you can find them in shops that import US foods. I tend to buy them when I am in the mood.

And I was in the mood to try Crusti Croc Twister Flips when I saw them on the shelf.

The best way I can describe these things is like this - suck a Cheeto until its flavour has gone and then dip it in a pot of peanut butter. Once you've done that, dip it in water to get rid of the peanut butter so you're left with a damp peanuty flavour.

Doesn't sound nice, huh? Try tasting them!

I should have learned my lesson from the Roasted Peanut Puffs experiment. Curiosity killed this peanut lover's cat.

There is also a cheese flavour Twister Flips. Unfortunately, they don't taste anything like Cheetos.

It's either the real thing or nothing.

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