Monday, September 05, 2011

A J.R. Hartleyesque Moment

I was looking at the Man Booker Prize for Fiction long-list a few weeks ago and noticed there was an author with the same name as me.

D.J. Taylor's Derby Day is the novel in contention and I was searching for it on a few book websites when I noticed that there was an omnibus of three of Taylor's other novels on sale for a relatively decent price.

£2.25? Bargain!

The book was available via a third party seller on, so I bought it from them.

And then - when I received my order notification by email - I noticed the potential for comedy.

The email read something like this:

Dear D J Taylor,
Thank you for your order of Returning by D J Taylor.

It was like a J.R. Hartley from the Yellow Pages commercial moment.

Only, I wasn't buying my own book.

Still - the people packing and sending off the item wouldn't have known that. I would love it if the workers thought I was looking to buy my own book just like that advert from years ago.

A few days after receiving the book, I was asked to leave feedback about the seller. There was only one word I could use, and was one that J.R. Hartley used in the commercial.

I simply typed 'Wonderful!'.

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