Saturday, May 07, 2011

Winners & Losers

Queens Park Rangers will celebrate winning the Championship today but their parade could end up being rained on by the FA.

The London club have this week been the subject of a hearing - following an  intense investigation by the Football Association - in regards to the ownership of players and the payment to football agents.

With seven charges against them, it's possible that the club will have points deducted. This will allow Norwich to become the Championship winners and then move either Cardiff or Swansea City into the second automatic promotion spot.

QPR will then have to fight for promotion via the play-offs or may even attempt an appeal which will mess around the Play-off season.

I'm cautiously anticipating the results from this investigation. A result was set to have been announced at 4pm yesterday but - late on Thursday - it was announced that the announcement will be some time following the closing of the regular season.

I've looked at what many of the papers have written about this situation. Many claim that this has descended in to farce whilst one paper was adamant that QPR will walk away with a fine but retain their position at the top of the league.

It's going to be an interesting few days. As a follower of Cardiff City Football Club, I am hoping it swings in the Bluebirds' favour and they get the second automatic promotion spot.

Play-offs are too scary, especially after last year!

Late update - On reflection, I think the postponement of a result in this hearing is a con. The FA are clearly waiting to see how the league table looks at the end of today's games before they dock any points. This way, we'll see Norwich be appointed as champions and QPR will be docked enough to sit in second place and not have to go through the play-off route. I cannot believe I didn't think about this possibility earlier. It would be scandalous if this does happen.

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