Sunday, May 22, 2011

More On Savage

It was quite incredible to see how many news websites jumped on the passing of 'Macho Man' Randy Savage.

I first heard of his death when my father told me he had heard it on TalkSport. He also heard him being mentioned at 5am this morning on the very same station.

Sky News also had it as a breaking news item on its iPhone app.

The Associated Press story had one slight inaccuracy when it noted that Savage last worked for the World Wrestling Federation in 1993. I am certain that it was the end of 1994 when he made the jump to WCW.

But, that's just nitpicking.

The most tragic story coming out of this death was that he had married a little over a year ago to a lady he had dated back when he was younger before he became a pro wrestler. The couple had rekindled their love and had celebrated their first anniversary just ten days before the crash. Dreadful.

It will be interesting to see whether WWE will pay any sort of tribute at tonight's pay-per-view or, in failing that, at TV on Monday night.

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